Signature Customization

Nothing in the world carries more weight than a signature. Scorpion Percussion allows artists to add their signatures, band logos, and custom text to their drumsticks. Many artists will sell these signature sticks at their merch booths- they are the ultimate fan souvenir. To start your signature customization, email


What are the requirements to become a Scorpion Signature Artist?

1. We require a minimum purchase of 24 pair of our Immortal or Rehearsal Series sticks for customization.

2 .There is an additional one time charge of $100 to purchase the printing plate to laser etch your artwork onto the plate.

3. We charge $1/pr for materials and time to hand print your signature on each pair in our shop.

4. You must submit your artwork to be setup for print. (see below)


I'm not super savvy on Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, can I just take a picture on my phone?

Yes, we request the above formatting due to quality and art setup time, but we understand that not everyone has that ability. Send us what you have and we will make it work!