Rehearsal  Drumsticks   🇺🇸American Hickory🇺🇸
Rehearsal  Drumsticks   🇺🇸American Hickory🇺🇸

Scorpion Percussion Inc

Rehearsal Drumsticks 🇺🇸American Hickory🇺🇸

$ 24.00

Rehearsal drumsticks are a great way to keep your Signature or Immortal Series drumsticks in fighting shape for your next recording session or live gig. These sticks are not only extremely cost efficient but also carry the same smooth lacquered finish available on our Premier Immortal Series and Signature Series lines. Available in many traditional sizes and more.

Some sticks may contain:



Uncommon Diamiater 

Uncommon  weight 

Multiple tip variations per bag

No print 

Irregular grain structure 

All cut to Standard 16in